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Insight Consulting Group of the Suncoast is created by small business entrepreneurs with one goal in mind:

Provide easy access to the resources, services, and knowledge that small business entrepreneurs need to succeed.

ICG is focused exclusively on the growth and success of our members. The ICG leadership team members are small business owners with a lifetime of business experience.

ICG is the resource they use to operate their businesses and each product and service available through ICG is included because it is something they know our members need.

Networking & Referrals

Everyone knows that a customer referred to you is the easiest sale you will ever make.  So how do you get more referrals?  By getting to know and building trust with other business people.  They will refer you faster and more frequently than a customer will because they know the importance of a referral.

Small Business Concierge

We all need skilled and reputable service providers to handle all kinds of tasks for our businesses to operate efficiently and allow us to concentrate on what we are best at.  ICG knows who you need.  We've worked with them.  So you can stop wasting time, energy and money on the wrong service providers.

Group Marketing Programs


Member inspired group marketing and advertising programs that are unique to ICG or are provided through 3rd parties where our group purchasing power makes the marketing more affordable.

Entrepreneur's Mastermind Groups

ICG masterminds are professionally guided peer-mentoring groups.  Participating in a mastermind group will sharpen your business and personal skills.  Members work together to achieve more, share knowledge, experiences, best practices and unbiased insights into member's business successes and issues.

The Top 10 Reasons to Join ICG Over Other Business Development Groups:

1.    No Babysitting – You’re an adult and we treat you like one. There are no mandatory attendance rules.
2.    No Expensive Dues – An annual membership in ICG is less than half of the other guys and you get more.
3.    Only 1 or 2 Meetings a Month – You’re busy growing your business. ICG wants to help not hinder your progress.
4.    Get Paid for Your Referrals!
5.    Have a Blast Meeting New FUN People
6.    Learn and Share Ideas with Top Business Owners
7.    Co-Marketing – Share the expenses of marketing events.
8.    Make a Difference – Participate with other members in ICG sponsored charity events.
9.    Membership is not limited to one business per industry.
10.  It’s Like You Are an Owner and Vested in the Company.

Questions about getting started?

       Drop us a line to find out more!